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Summer 2015

Well, here we are in the midst of another beautiful Vermont summer!  As always, the Club has been involved in lots of activities this past spring and we have many events planned for the coming weeks.  First a public thank you to everyone who has pitched in this year at our many fundraising events to make them so successful.  Please note that we have one more major event scheduled in October to raise money for our ongoing restoration and repair efforts at The Old Village Church.

Our special interest groups are continuing to meet throughout the summer months, with the addition of a Garden Group trip scheduled in July.  Also, after enjoying a delicious spring dinner at the Happy Hour Restaurant in June, we are looking forward to our next all-club get-together this fall. We will be working in conjunction with the Tenney Memorial Library to bring a  speaker to the community for a public performance for that meeting.

Find more information on all these activities by checking out all the various pages on this site.  Meanwhile, may the sun shine on your tomato plants and may birds eat all your Japanese beetles!

Happy 2015!

Welcome to the new year and a full slate of activities for the Newbury Woman’s Club.  We’ll be starting off the year with one of our delicious potluck dinners on January 20th.  The details for this and all of our other interest groups are available on this website.  Make a resolution that’s a pleasure to keep and join us for some of these activities in the coming year!

One important initiative the club is undertaking in 2015 is a a revamp of our fundraising projects.  Due to changing circumstances, many of our traditional fundraisers need a fresh look.  Consequently the fundraising committee and any other interested club members are invited to a meeting on Tuesday, January 13th at 7 PM to develop plans for the coming year. (Use the comment form below if you would like more information).

Finally, we are hoping for a resolution this year to the boundary issues concerning the Old Village Church property which should free us up to start the next phase of our project – improving the usability of the structure and connecting it to more public events.  We’ve already had requests to use the building this coming summer and fall and we’d like to see it occupied on a regular basis.  As always, everyone is invited to work with us on this exciting project.

Fall Notes

I don’t know where the time goes, but here we are in the middle of a spectacular fall with all sorts of activities on the horizon. Hope you had a happy summer and got in enough warm weather to last you through the next few months. Please take a moment to look through this site because it is packed with information about two upcoming club meetings, all the interest group activities and a very important message involving the ongoing process to clarify the property boundary for the Old Village Church.

Spring Festivities

Lose your April doldrums by joining us this spring in some of our many activities.  Check out this site for news about dinner opportunities, discussion groups, craft and gardening activities.  Also help us plan for a June fundraiser.  Above all,  keep your fingers crossed for some warm spring weather!  See you soon.


A belated welcome to the new year and another busy season for the Newbury Woman’s Club.  Our upcoming calendar is pretty packed with club activities and fundraisers.  We are looking forward to providing refreshments at Town Meeting again this year as well as our big mud season flea market.  Pins and Needles, Book Discussions and our Potluck Dinner groups all have activities planned in the coming months and the Gardening group is already dreaming of some summer excursions.  Check out the following pages for more information about all of these events.

Join the Celebration

250th end of year celebration – Saturday, December 14th on the Common.  The 250th Committee has planned a wonderful day of activities to celebrate the close of our anniversary year.  There will be all sorts of family oriented fun including an outdoor ice skating rink.  The Woman’s Club has been asked to provide cookies and manpower for the warming tent during the day.  We’re not entirely sure of the timeline and all the details at this point, but we will be needing people to bring cookies and also people to work at the tent.  The calendar committee also plans to use this opportunity to sell the remainder of our calendars (we are getting down to the bottom of the box.  If you still want some, they are also available at Kiss the Cook and the Party Store in Woodsville, Copies and More in Wells River, the Newbury Village Store and the Wells River Savings Bank in Newbury Village and the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich). Come be part of this historic community celebration!

A Summer to Remember!

What a summer!  The Club has never been busier.  We kicked off the season by hosting the big Founders’ Day 250th Celebration in May and things never slowed down!  Between work on the Old Village Church, the Cracker Barrel Bazaar Cookie Walk tent, tending the flower boxes throughout the Village and all the activities of our many specialty groups, we’ve  had more than enough to do these past few months.  Usually we look at fall as the start of our busy season, but this year I suspect we’ll feel like life has slowed down when our annual meeting in October arrives!  Check out this site for a recap of all that’s been happening the past few months as well as our plans for the future.