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Happy 2013!

We’re heading into a very busy time of year for the club.  We have several fundraising projects in the works, 250th Anniversary Celebration events and some fun club get-togethers scheduled for the next couple of months.

You may have noticed that most of our club communication these days is via email, which has saved us a lot of time, energy and money and has allowed us to be more spontaneous in our notices.  However, I realize that some of our club members do not regularly use email and it worries me that they do not always get all the information about club activities in a timely manner. Consequently, once we have completed work on updating our membership list (thank you, Helena!) I would like to formalize some phone partnerships between people who get email and those who don’t so that all information gets out to all club members.  In the meantime, if you know of someone who doesn’t generally get email and who would like to be notified throughout the year of club activities, please take a moment to give them a call when you get a club email notice and let them know what is going on.

250th EVENTS

Thanks to Selenda for organizing the very successful program featuring Adam Boyce as Charles Taggart at the library in January.  We’ve planned two more ways to participate in this year’s celebrations.   Coming up on Saturday, May 18th is Founders’ Day.  We plan to open up the Old Village Church for this activity and provide refreshments.

We are also planning and planting all the flower boxes in the village this spring.  The committee has a planting scheme in mind and will be acquiring all the necessary plants for this project.  We hope to get everything out and planted by Memorial Day weekend (May 25th-ish).  We will need more workers on planting day and people to keep an eye on the boxes over the summer.  We are planning to come up with a per box cost in hopes that people will offer to help finance a box.  Thanks to everyone who has already volunteered to help.  If you are interested in any aspect of this project, please contact Jane.

See you this spring!

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