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First, I’d like to say how much fun it was to see so many of us at the Colatina for our Spring Dinner and to give Martha a fond send-off for her next adventure! Thanks to everyone who mustered up the courage to speak in public and share with us all their appreciation for Martha’s contributions to our Club and the community.  Please remember to send your notes, cards, poems, photos…..whatever you’d like for Martha’s scrapbook to Jane by June 16th so she can get everything compiled to mail out to Martha in California in a timely manner.

Our next all-club program will be this fall.  Selenda has been working diligently to pull together a “Moth-style” storytelling event featuring some of Newbury’s best raconteurs.  As you can imagine, it’s been like herding cats trying to get everyone to set aside the same date on their calendar for this event, but it looks like everything should come together for our Fall meeting.

If you have suggestions for future events, send them in through the comment form below!

For more information about club meetings, please use the comment form below. Comments will not be made public without permission.

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