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Fall 2011

Welcome to the busy season for the Newbury Woman’s Club! In planning the fall newsletter I realized that we have an unprecedented number of announcements to get out. I hope you will take a few minutes to scan the whole website to find out what’s happening. Even more, I hope that you will join some of our committees and interest groups in the coming months. We make a real effort to welcome everyone to participate in our activities. Feel free to bring a friend for moral support if you are interested in trying something new but would feel awkward coming on your own. You can also contact me using the comment form below if you ever have any questions or need more information about upcoming events.


As many of you are aware, the club was involved in a bit of controversy this past spring and summer regarding our Old Village Church property on the Common. After some reflection, I came to the realization that perhaps we have become a bit stagnant in our club operations. It’s always easiest to just keep doing what we’ve always done, but I’ve been thinking that we should relook at some areas of our club operations. One of those areas is the club by-laws.
Periodically different members of the club point out to me how outdated our by-laws are and how we should really update them to reflect current policies and procedures. Not being a big fan of doing this type of work myself, I keep nodding and then doing nothing. This year, though, with people outside the club expressing an interest in these by-laws, I realized the time for procrastination is over. We definitely need some members willing to spend an afternoon looking over this paperwork and making revisions.

VOLUNTEER TODAY!!! – My dream would be that people willing to work on fundraising/donations ideas and other people willing to work on by-law revisions would call or email me the minute they read this newsletter and offer to help. My dream continues with having their ideas ready to present at our all-club meeting in December, if a vote is needed, or maybe even earlier if it involves plans for a fundraising activity!!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – call, email, or use the comment form below to contact me if you are willing to help – Jane