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Sign Up for a Committee Today!

At our annual meeting in December, the club ratifed the revised by-laws that were written this past fall.  As part of these revisions, we created 5 standing committees for the club and we are asking everyone to participate in at least one of these committees as follows:

1. Old Village Church – work with others to preserve and restore the Club’s historic Methodist Church building and property on the Newbury Common.

2. Membership – work with the vice president (Marjorie) and others to update the club membership list and create a new club phone/email book; act as a committee to determine membership status, if needed, by maintaining records of those members who have participated in club meetings, interest groups, committees and service groups and/or paid dues (in conjunction with the club treasurer, Martha ).

3. Fund Raising – work with others to plan and organize the Club’s fund raising projects and events.

4. Publicity – work with others to inform the community of Club programs, fund raisers and service projects and any other club activities.

5. Program – work with others to plan the programs for the year and complete all necessary arrangements for carrying them out. (Currently we sponsor a speaker with the Tenney Memorial Library in the fall, plan an all-club dinner out in the spring and have an annual cookie swap/Yankee swap in December but the committee could opt for other activities and programs if they chose).

Please contact Jane using the comment form below to sign up for one of these committees if you have not already done so.  Thanks!