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Spring 2012

Thanks to the very hard work of Martha and all the time and effort by the rest of the club, we netted about $1,380 from our flea market in March.  I was impressed by how smoothly everything seemed to go and how bustling the hall was for most of the day.  Many thanks to everyone who responded to my last minute plea for help.  Also if you run into Art or Tim, please let them know how much we appreciate their help with the set-up and clean-up heavy lifting chores each year.   Selenda did a wonderful job providing music to set the tone inside the gym for us for almost the entire event.  Mitzi was responsible for getting some publicity articles into the local papers which I know helped draw people to the gym.  The soups and baked goods were delicious, the flea tables were overflowing – really, we all deserve recognition for a job well done!

As you know, right now we are working to raise money to repaint the Old Village Church.  Wells River Savings Bank has just donated $1,000 to that project as well as funding some advertising for the flea market.  They really are living up to their efforts to be a community bank, and I’m sure would be happy to hear from all of us that their generosity is recognized and appreciated.

We have several more events planned for the spring.  Look through this site for  details!  Jane 

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