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Newbury’s 250th Celebration!

The Woman’s Club is planning three “events” to help Newbury celebrate its 250th anniversary:   

On Sunday, January 13th  at 2 pm at The Tenney Memorial Library, the Newbury Woman’s Club and the Tenney are sponsoring a Vermont Humanities program, Adam Boyce presents Charles Taggart, a Newbury musician. Adam is a skilled fiddler and this program is fun and gives us a bit of Newbury history. Taggart once lived at Elmbank in the northern part of Newbury Village where there is now an historical marker.

On Saturday, May 18th, we will be opening up the Old Village Church and hosting a reception as part of the Founders’ Day activities, and also we are planning specially planted flower boxes around the village this summer.  Please look for more information about all of these activities in the coming months.