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April 2023

In April, our Club activities really pick up.  In addition to our monthly book discussions and weekly Pins and Needles meetings, we are planning our spring dinner get-together, garden group trips and our big annual flea market fundraiser in May.  Also on our agenda, in celebration of the Club’s 100th anniversary, we are planning a compendium of all things Newbury.  We are currently soliciting suggestions from everyone in town about things to do, places to see, activities for children, walks, hikes, sports opportunities, retail options, historical tidbits… name it, to be included in our list.  Our goal is to reach 100 items, but suspect we will surpass that number.  If you have a suggestion, please send it to us using the form below.

As always, check our other pages here to find out more about all the activities sponsored by the Club.  Additionally, information about the Club is also available on our Facebook page (@newburywomansclub)

If you are interested in more information about the Newbury Woman’s Club, you can contact us through our “Comments” link below.  Comments are not publically posted.

Summer (Yay!)

Nothing like some warm weather to boost our spirits and get us moving.  The Club has a lot on the agenda for the coming months including a fundraiser, some garden trips, book discussions and fun dinners.  Our snowbird members have returned, no worries about bad driving weather, lots of food in the garden – the livin’ is easy!  Check this website out for all the activities we have planned in the next few weeks.


We’re off to a busy start in the new year. The fundraising committee is in the process of setting up a schedule for the coming year – probably a combination of past successful enterprises mixed with some new, fun ideas for the future.  Our interest groups continue to meet and we have hopes of creating a new focus group that explores cooking in ways that the potluck dinner group currently does not.  The Old Village Church on the Common remains a major undertaking for the Club.  We have hopes that the year ahead will see a settlement to our boundary issues and enable us to start in on our next renovation project.  Finally, we welcomed several new members to the Club over the past year and look forward to sharing community service endeavors and good times with them in the years to come.  Just a reminder – we have new membership booklets available.  To make arrangements to get one, feel free to contact us through the comment form below.

Fall Fundraiser


James McGarrell

Blue on White Bowl, 2.5″ x 10.75″
Generously donated by the artist to the Newbury Woman’s Club, this hand-painted bowl by McGarrell will be raffled, all proceeds benefit the restoration of The Old Village Church on the Newbury Village Common.
McGarrell’s art has been exhibited and collected by numerous institutions in America and abroad including the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Tiskets are $5 each with the drawing to be held December 4, 2016.  Tickets will be available at the Open Studio Weekend, October 8-9 , 10-5 each day located in the Old Village Church on the Common in Newbury, Vt. or by contacting the Club through the comment form below.

We have lots of plans!

Spring and summer are always busy seasons for the club and this year is no different.  Along with our regularly scheduled activities we throw in a spring banquet, our biggest fundraiser of the year and numerous garden group trips. The Old Village Church property on the Common is busy with softball practices and games and further restoration work is planned for the building itself.   Check out all the pages of this site for details about all these activities and don’t forget to use the calendar link for quick reference.

Looking forward to 2016

Following our very successful end-of-the-year business/holiday meeting, we are looking at an exciting year ahead.  First, we have a new slate of officers elected in December for a two-year term as follows:  President-Jane Labun; Vice-President-Nancy Hassam; Secretary-Helena Davison; Treasurer-Connie Philleo.  We approved our budget for the coming year, which includes donations to the food shelves in Newbury and Wells River as well as a reserve of $250 to be donated to other worthy causes as chosen by the club sometime in the next year.  Also, the club approved changes to our Constitution and By-Laws which open up club membership to anyone over 18 (female, male, Newburyite, non-Newburyite. etc.) who is interested in supporting and participating in club activities.  We discussed  the successful fundraisers we held during 2015 and re-expressed our deep thanks to the Modern Woodmen Organization for their donation to the Old Village Church restoration fund.  Included in our discussion as well were all the various activities held by the club’s interest groups throughout the year.

Finally, a note of heartfelt appreciation to Martha Griswold who has served for many years (decades?) in various club offices including president, vice-president and treasurer and who has done a terrific job organizing many of our fund-raisers including, but not limited to, our Town Meeting Day refreshment table and our spring flea market.  She has been a mainstay of the organization and is responsible for our continued success over the years.  We cannot thank her enough for all she has contributed to the club and our community.



WOW!  Fabulous job everyone!  We had a beautiful and very successful weekend for the Open Studio Fundraiser.  I’m sure you remember that  we were eligible for a Modern Woodmen Matching Fund of up to $2500, so our goal was to try to earn as close to that amount as possible.  Well, we did better than that!!! Now you can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief, relax, lounge around in total luxury without a care in the world knowing we won’t be asking you for help again until Town Meeting.  Meanwhile, check out the great events we have lined up for the coming months.

Open Studio Weekend

INBOX576998c1abb170986d9c22192ef89f12425e1(The Old Village Church by Jane Booth)

Come join us for a celebration of the arts in Newbury. Both the Vermont Crafts Council and Vermont North by Hand are having Open Studio Tours October 3rd and 4th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and many talented local artist are participating. The Newbury Woman’s Club (NWC) has opened the doors of The Old Village Church on the Newbury Common allowing a Hub site to be created for the weekend.

The NWC will be offering a delicious lunch and provide snacks during the weekend exhibition and proceeds will benefit restoration work on the historic landmark. This is an important fundraiser for the NWC as Modern Woodmen has offered a $2500 matching grant to the club, so please stop in and support the restoration efforts.

The Hub at The Old Village Church will feature the work of 12+ local artists — from paintings to wood turning, there is a fantastic range of work. We hope you will join us and enjoy a visual feast while you feast on a harvest luncheon.

Artists include Jane Booth, Keita Colton, Chris Esten, Michael Heffernan, James McGarrell, Karyn Neubauer, Linda Taylor, Frank Tegethoff, Brad Vietje, and Matson Booth Vollers

Linda Bryan, Robert Chapla, John Layton, Judith Lerner will be displaying work at the Hub but have studios open to the public in their homes. Ask for a copy of the tour maps for directions.

(Leading the Girls to Pasture – Linda Bryan)


Summer 2015

Well, here we are in the midst of another beautiful Vermont summer!  As always, the Club has been involved in lots of activities this past spring and we have many events planned for the coming weeks.  First a public thank you to everyone who has pitched in this year at our many fundraising events to make them so successful.  Please note that we have one more major event scheduled in October to raise money for our ongoing restoration and repair efforts at The Old Village Church.

Our special interest groups are continuing to meet throughout the summer months, with the addition of a Garden Group trip scheduled in July.  Also, after enjoying a delicious spring dinner at the Happy Hour Restaurant in June, we are looking forward to our next all-club get-together this fall. We will be working in conjunction with the Tenney Memorial Library to bring a  speaker to the community for a public performance for that meeting.

Find more information on all these activities by checking out all the various pages on this site.  Meanwhile, may the sun shine on your tomato plants and may birds eat all your Japanese beetles!

Happy 2015!

Welcome to the new year and a full slate of activities for the Newbury Woman’s Club.  We’ll be starting off the year with one of our delicious potluck dinners on January 20th.  The details for this and all of our other interest groups are available on this website.  Make a resolution that’s a pleasure to keep and join us for some of these activities in the coming year!

One important initiative the club is undertaking in 2015 is a a revamp of our fundraising projects.  Due to changing circumstances, many of our traditional fundraisers need a fresh look.  Consequently the fundraising committee and any other interested club members are invited to a meeting on Tuesday, January 13th at 7 PM to develop plans for the coming year. (Use the comment form below if you would like more information).

Finally, we are hoping for a resolution this year to the boundary issues concerning the Old Village Church property which should free us up to start the next phase of our project – improving the usability of the structure and connecting it to more public events.  We’ve already had requests to use the building this coming summer and fall and we’d like to see it occupied on a regular basis.  As always, everyone is invited to work with us on this exciting project.