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Spring Events

Well, this winter has certainly been a test of our spirit!  I’m hoping everyone can rouse themselves from their cabin-feverish state to help out with our upcoming fund raisers.  We are heading into the time of year when we do the bulk of the work generating money to support our community donations, so it’s really important that we do all we can to maximize our profits.  We got off to a great start already this year with a profit of over $250 at our refreshment table and card sales at Town Meeting (many thanks to everyone who contributed such great baked goods and worked at the table that morning).

Our next big event is the indoor flea market on March 26th.  Please look over Martha’s detailed outline of the flea market work schedule and think about how you can help.  One big way you can cut down the workload for the event organizers is to either call or email  Jane (or use the comment form below) to let us know how (or if) you plan to participate.  That really saves us an enormous amount of time in terms of lining up workers, etc.

 Our other major fund raiser is the Cookie Walk Tent at the Cracker Barrel Bazaar.  I won’t go into details now but hope that everyone will at least mark their calendar (Saturday, July 23) and start thinking ahead.

 Finally, though the Club spends a lot of time and energy on community service activities, we like to get together just for the pleasure or each other’s company, too.  Spring is when we traditionally meet for an all-club dinner at a local restaurant.  If you’d like to help plan this event or have ideas about where you think we should eat, please give me a call (see above).  It’ll be great to see everyone again!   Jane

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