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IT’S SPRING!!!  At last. Look for the latest newsletter which was sent out this week.  It is packed with information about club activities planned for the coming months – too many things for me to mention here.  Take a minute, read through all the items, and mark your calendar (either paper or digital) with those events you hope to attend.

CLUB WEBSITE – I’ve updated the club website and given it a new address to make it easier to find.  The new URL is (the old address – will still work as well).  All the information from this newsletter will appear on the site in case you have any questions about times or dates for our activities.  Also please check out the club calendar link that lists all the activities in one place.  There are also reply forms available for the various “groups”.  If you would like more information about a specific activity or would like to RSVP, you may do so using those forms.  Whatever you type on the form will be sent to me (Jane Labun) and I will either get back to you or forward your letter to the appropriate person.  P.S. – I’m hoping to change the heading soon from fall foliage to gorgeous crabapples – can’t wait!!!

FLOWER BOXES – After last year’s summer of waterline work and no flower boxes, we are pleased to be planning to put the boxes out again this spring.  We already have volunteers to help get them out and filled with soil in the next month.

Over the years we have developed a very casual system for planting and maintaining these flowers.  Basically we put out the boxes and hope that people will adopt, plant, and water them.  If you have a box in front of your home and would like to plant it – go ahead!  If you would like to take care of a box, but don’t live next to one, please feel free to fill and maintain one that stands on “public” property – such as in front of the Bailey Club, or on the Common.  If you notice a box in front of a home that is still empty a week or two after Memorial Day – you could probably fill it and no one would complain!  This system is totally disorganized, but it seems to work out okay.




BANQUET – A reminder that one of our goals for this year is to work on increasing membership in the club.  Consider inviting your daughter, a friend or a new neighbor to one of our activities.  Gardening, reading, knitting, cooking, historic preservation, eating out – there’s a lot to choose from!  Speaking of which, I hope to see all of you in June for our Mexican spring banquet – Jane


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